/fictionaut/ [planetary]
Fictionaut informs Newtype’s material mechanisms that relate to a larger framework.

The term fictionaut, in the sense it is used in Newtype, is inspired by the comic book miniseries “Planetary” by Warren Ellis.

“The fictionaut moves between playgrounds, perspectives, stories, worlds. To be a fictionaut is to explore the worlds of the imagination and bring back insight.”

The fictionaut acts as a modern day shaman, storyteller and witness for collective insight engagements. Modern culture has privileged both the written word and forms of knowledge that are reproducible with minimal variation and errors. Operating as a fictionaut engages more with phenomenological forms of knowledge and ways of knowing, relying on developing and enhancing embodied forms of intelligence and intuition.

Fiction is the landscape explored primarily by the fictionaut. This is not just limited to stories and myths, but also worlds that can be both created and explored by the fictionaut using various methods related to play - games, roleplay, LARPing, theatre, oral storytelling and more.

As these fictional worlds and situations are explored, the fictionaut can develop concepts, explore ideas and bring back any insights they have been able to glean back into the world of consensus reality.

Yegwa Ukpo. 

Head Maintainer, Newtype.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Newtype is a maintenance practice focused on wisdom ecologies of food, shelter, clothing and being; exploring the use of play, playgrounds, storytelling and other indigenous technologies as tools for worldbuilding and the crafting of possible futures.

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