Material Mapping Guide

Ma-tt-er’s Material Mapping Guide is a navigational tool to chart and plot the materials that make up your practices, places and landscapes. Getting lost in encouraged, this guide will encourage you to wander, as well conducting a sense of intentionally navigating a place or space by relating to the materials that make up your world and our world. 

The guide focuses on four primary material categories: 

Native materials are indigenous to the land.

Local materials are citizens, but are not native to the land.

Migrant materials are voyagers that are visiting from other lands.

Cosmic materials are spirits and omnipresent to any land.

The Material Mapping Guide supports us in beginning to consider materials as fellow citizens, guiding us to form kinships to the non-human world. Our roles are merely guardians, stewards and caretakers of the the land and the planet. Material map making and building guides us towards relationality and provide access to ourselves and others. 

Discover what you’re made of. 

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.”  
- Sidney Sheldon