/manifold:/ [adj.]
Manifold informs Newtype’s material mechanisms that relate to a larger framework.

Newtype uses it as a noun, but the meaning is derived from this sense of the word.

Manifold are assemblages of playgrounds, agency, participation, commons and governance codes. They are the DNA of Newtype institutions and organisation and the portals to the worlds Newttype builds.

The manifold is the framework for constructing organisations, institutions and even objects that are treated as participatory, inclusive, cognisant of diversity and exist in the larger creative commons.

Manifolds are treated as living entities and built with the capacity to relate with all manner of stakeholders and multiple forms of value, not just monetary. They also serve as gateways to the worlds that they contain. Whether that be a story, a game, a world of objects or an environment for participatory learning.

Manifold: [adj.]

"of many kinds; numerous in kind or variety; diverse; exhibiting or embracing many points, features, or characteristics," Old English monigfald (Anglian), manigfeald [West Saxon], "various, varied in appearance, complicated; many times magnified; numerous, abundant," from manig [see many] + -feald [see -fold]. A Proto-Germanic compound, *managafalþaz [source also of Old Frisian manichfald, Middle Dutch menichvout, German mannigfalt, Swedish mångfalt, Gothic managfalþs], perhaps a loan-translation of Latin multiplex [see multiply].

Yegwa Ukpo. 

Head Maintainer, Newtype.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Newtype is a maintenance practice focused on wisdom ecologies of food, shelter, clothing and being; exploring the use of play, playgrounds, storytelling and other indigenous technologies as tools for worldbuilding and the crafting of possible futures.

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