/panela de barro/ [pt]

Clay pot [eng].

Household utensil traditionally used to cook, boil edicinal plants. Found in southern Mozambique, mainly in the Inhambane province.
But also the north but different clay. Uses in my practice: we study the many geometric patterns engraved in some of these pots in our attempt to understand Mozambican design language. 

I also use mbita to boil medicinal herbs, yoni steaming, experimenting with using it to dye textiles.
Mbita clay pot boiling medicinal herbs.


Wacy Zacarias.

Designer, activist and healer at Karingana Textiles and Woogui.

Maputo, Mozambique.

Wacy Zacarias has lived and studied in Berlin, London, New York and Johannesburg and is currently based in Mozambique. In 2010 Wacy was awarded the Best Young Designer award during Mozambique Fashion Week after founding her brand Woogui. Following this, Wacy established a partnership with designer Djamila de Sousa and together launched a surface and textiles brand Karingana Wa Karingana. Wacy is part of an international female collective, African Textile Innovation Lab and co-founder of a cooperative of designers (CRIAMOZ), with the aim to improve access to market, product development and supply chain development in the creative industry in Mozambique.

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