noun [mass noun] class [9]
English translation: 1. rain. 2. water

A transparent, inodorous, tasteless fluid, H2O or a limited body of water, as an ocean, a sea, or a lake.

mvura yorukore: lightning. kutinhira kwemvura: the sound of distant thunder. bota rakaita mvura mvura harinaki: watery gruel is unappetising.

Interpreting the immaterial qualities of mvura.

In Zimbabwe, a classic children's song echoes the refrain, "mvura naya naya tidye" meaning "let water rain down so we may eat." Each line ends with the naming of an edible crop, such as mupunga; magwere; or madhumbe, which are rice; maize; and taro. 

These lyrics are commonly heard in playgrounds, and on 9 November 2017, at a quarter to four o'clock in the afternoon, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare even shared the words to the song on Twitter. Testament to the fundamental importance of water in sustainable livelihoods.

Cities are demarcated by hydrology: the built environment is dependant on water. The mismanagement of water in the processing of raw materials or concrete production contribute to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from construction. Concrete, which remains one of the most-used construction materials anywhere in the worldwide, was responsible for 9% of global industrial water withdrawals in 2012: approximately 1.7% of total global water withdrawal (Miller, Horvath & Monteiro, 2018).

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