/play/ [v.]
Play informs Newtype’s material mechanisms that relate to a larger framework.

“Play is not what we think it is. To play is to accept a thing as itself and explore the possibility space created by its constraints. This leads to insight.

We believe that it is hrough play that we first begin to engage with the world. Our play is not about a lack of restrictions or a pursuit of happiness, but about engaging with the constraints around us - fire burns, parents nag, a ball lands when thrown - and using these constraints as seeds for creativity.

We can cook with fire because it burns, we can learn about why parents nag and understand something about the society and culture we live in, we can create games based on balls landing in certain locations. This form of play depends on constraints and learning to be open and vulnerable with them.

We also believe that play is best done with others. Multiple perspectives and experiences create richer interactions and allow us to keep play going. Insight is best generated collectively.

Play occurs in playgrounds.

Playgrounds are objects, conversations, organisations, media and culture. Each playground has its own set of constraints and rules of engagement that can be played with. It is important to understand the boundaries and constraints of any playground one wishes to engage with. This is where true insight is generated from.

Maintainers maintain playgrounds and when they engage with them, they become players. Maintainers must play; players must maintain.

Yegwa Ukpo. 

Head Maintainer, Newtype.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Newtype is a maintenance practice focused on wisdom ecologies of food, shelter, clothing and being; exploring the use of play, playgrounds, storytelling and other indigenous technologies as tools for worldbuilding and the crafting of possible futures.

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